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For more than a decade, I have been sharing the fruits of any outings that have taken me to places rural and urban. In its early days, a photo gallery was my main means of doing this and the name of the website reflected that for a long time. In the meantime, the gallery has been joined by a blog sharing my explorations of the countryside, both on foot and by bicycle. More recently again, I have turned a skeletal website directory into a place for sharing travel writings and visit planning pointers. So far, the focus for all of this has been Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man. In a way, that shows how much there is to these places and, in truth, there is much more for me to explore yet. Hopefully, the mixture that resides here gives you some feeling for the places that are featured and why they are special. Of course, it would be even better if it inspired you to go planning some outings of your own. Thanks for coming.

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This website has come a long way since my first fumblings on the now defunct Geocities. That was the cause of my giving a scanner a go for the very first time, not mine as it happened. Acquiring one of my own meant that increased the number of photos to be found on that very first website and an online photo gallery was born. From a single pleasing first photo, it has grown with numerous albums dedicated to different parts of Britain and Ireland.

There is a mixture of urban and rural scenes here with explorations of countryside taking over from that of towns and cities in more recent times. There also are new places to photograph but previous efforts are subject to improvement too. Thus, albums should continue to change with additions and improvements. Also, new albums could join them yet.

Countryside Wanderings

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Before the blog existed, there was a news page listing recent trips as a teaser for future additions to the photo gallery. Then, I started a blog to see if this concept could be taken further, only for it to then take on a life of its own after following an unexpected course encouraged by reader comments.

What I hadn't realised at the outset was the appetite that those who walk through countryside have for each others' tales of their own wanderings. Starting out early in outdoors blogging helped to get my writings noticed with comments from regular readers shaping how the blog has developed since I started it. Also, that encouragement not only has kept me going out and about but also sharing experiences and thoughts inspired by my exploring British, Irish and Manx countryside.

Travel Jottings

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In its early days, the blog was something of a catch-all for a variety of different articles. What changed that was the interest shown by others in my explorations of countryside so specialisation followed. Anything not fitting the outdoors theme needed another home and there was a visitor directory that needed refurbishing too. The result was a new section devoted to subjects of interest to more than those partial to walking or cycling through the countryside.

The eventual aim is to have something of a travelogue much like you'd find in magazines like Countryfile, Discover Britain, Scots and Cumbria. So, what you'll find here is a mixture of visitor information and personal experiences along with a little something photographic too. Variety is the essence here and it looks as if that's how it's going to stay too.